Our Beary Best Dips and Desserts are the best in the Country and around the World!  And our customers agree!

Once you Taste Our Delicious Dips, You'll Surrender! Guaranteed!

In the dropdown menus on the left, you'll find our Dips and Dessert Mixes sorted by taste category... Or you can go directly to your favorite flavors! 

Our hottest dips are included in our Spicy taste categories... With Habanero, South of the Border, the ever favorite Cajun Dips and more.

Our Garlics, Veggie and Cheese Dips are here, too, including our customer favorites of Cheddar Bacon, Dill Garlic, Tomato Basil and Green Chile!

Be sure to take a walk through our Desserts for tantalizing dessert and cheesecake mixes to compliment any meal. Includes Strawberry and Chocolate Mixes, plus Key Lime and Mocha Cappucinno!

Also, every page features our Special Party Paks that bring your favorite Dips and Desserts to you in money saving combinations!

And don't forget, our Dip Chillers are a great way to keep your Dips cold throughout the day for any party or special event!

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